900 Years of Light video composition

Cathedra 900 was a multimedia multi-event art project created by artist Mark Ware MFA that took place from 2011 to 2013. Supported by Arts Council England, Cathedra 900 was an artistic interpretation and expression of Exeter Cathedral’s 900 year timeline.  Cathedra 900 concluded with a multimedia performance entitled, ‘900 Years of Light’ that was presented at Exeter Cathedral during October 2013. Part of the performance contained a video composition comprising of 900 images of the cathedral, accompanied by live classical music and readings. The video sequence below features a selection of the 900 images used. The original images were edited in 16:9 full HD.

The accompanying music details for the video below are:
“Eternal Source of Light Divine” by George Frideric Handel, performed by Elin Manahan Thomas (soprano), Crispian Steele-Perkins (trumpet) and the Armonico Consort under Christopher Monks.
Music used by kind permission of Signum Records www.signumrecords.com

‘Votives Ornamentales’

Michael Bickerton’s short film entitled, ‘Votives Ornamentales’ was also shown as part of the 900 Years of Light multimedia event at Exeter Cathedral.
Camera, lighting and editing: Michael Bickerton. Original music: Zlatko Baracskai.
Michael Bickerton is Course Director for BSc (Hons) Film Production and Technology at Birmingham University’s School of Digital Media Technology.
Michael describes ‘Votives Ornamentales’ as ‘a gallimaufry of abstractions stimulating a brief meditation of the transcendental nature of the macroscopic world of Exeter Cathedral.’