Cathedra 900 creative workshops

The five creative workshops that were staged in Exeter Cathedral’s Chapter House from 4th March – 8th March 2013, were viewed by all participants as a great success.  The workshops were staged with the very generous support of Exeter Cathedral’s Education Department.  Activities took place in the Chapter House and the Cathedral building itself.  A total of 14 adults and 44 young people attended the workshops and we will be publishing the various creative outcomes very soon.


Day One: Day one was a ceramics workshop presented by professional artist, Richenda Macgregor, organised and part funded by CEDA.  The workshop was attended by CEDA’s users. Richenda showed the group how to make clay moulds from various interesting textured surfaces.  These moulds will eventually be used to create baked clay sculptural objects.  Workshop attendees also spent time in the cathedral taking photographs, some using specially adapted cameras to accommodate their disability requirements.

Information about CEDA can be found at:  Information about Richenda Macgregor can be found at:


Day Two: Day two was a creative writing and physical activity workshop presented by artist/performer, Emily Kreider.  Emily worked with year five children from St Sidwell’s C of E Primary School, Exeter.  The children were set the task of producing creative writing on one of a selection of general Cathedra-related themes, such as ‘above’, ‘below’, ‘light’, ‘colour’ and so on.  The day concluded with a voice-coaching session in which the children were invited to read their creative writing.

Emily Kreider is a teaching fellow at the University of Exeter, and is a member of Jammy Voo, a clowning and international physical theatre company.  Information about Jammy Voo can be found at:


Day Three: Emily Kreider also presented the third creative workshop.  This time Emily worked with autistic children from Oaklands Park School, Dawlish.  This was a very exciting session and all of the children responded well
to Emily’s dynamic approach and to the sensory qualities of the Chapter House and Cathedral buildings.


Day Four: Day four was a photography workshop for children from St David’s C of E Primary School.  The sessions were led by Pieter Gatehouse of Devon Camera, Exeter, supported by Mark Ware.  The children were set themes to explore photographically in the Cathedral after which their images were critiqued by Pieter.  Since the workshop, the children have been working on their images and the final results will be published on the Cathedra 900 website soon.

Devon Camera has generously supported Cathedra 900 from the outset and has offered technical expertise throughout on all aspects of photography.  Information about Devon Camera can be found at:

Day 5b

Day five: Day five was a creative writing workshop for more children from St Sidwell’s C of E Primary School, presented by published children’s author, Kathryn White.  This workshop was organised and part funded by Literature Works.  Kathryn explored possible themes with the children and then in the Cathedral the children wrote down ideas for a written piece.  Information about Kathryn White can be found at: