Michael Bickerton Biography


“At the ripe-old-age of age of thirty-three, Michael embarked on an academic journey to Study a BA (Hons) in Media with Cultural Studies. From the success of his 16mm dissertation film ‘La Violcelista’, Michael embarked on a career in the moving image. Working in UK and abroad initially as an ENG cameraman, his experiences are wide. The first feature film he was DoP for (Dark Eyes, Spencer 2001) was nominated for the Raindance Digital Cinema Award and is a testament to his vision. “I like to think that film is not a specific physical medium, but is a specific experience encountered by audiences.” He says. “So if it is shot using celluloid or some digital format the experiences for the audience should be similar. I think we achieved this with Dark Eyes.”

He considers himself to be a good all-rounder (among his broadcast credits are: BBC; Channel 4’s Ideas Factory website; Warf Cable, HK and; American PBS channels and other cable channels) and has a small production business (961 productions) where his creative output mainly lies. His current interests in new technologies has led to a photoblog –Discarded365 – using throw-away items, non-linear narratives, and allegorical images as a catalyst, Discarded365 creates meditative environments which suggest the expansion of art into the everyday. He currently lectures in Film Production Technology at Birmingham City University and is also researching to doctorate in the area of irrotational learning experiences within a mainstream educational context through skills profile diagnostics and propogation of andragogic study.”