What people have said about the Cathedra 900 3D exhibition

We asked for feedback on the Exeter Cathedral 3D exhibition and this is what people said:

“I was bowled over by these 3D works. They not only take you into a whole new world of form, dimension and texture, but bring alive parts of the Cathedral you may never have noticed before even if you think you know the building well. Like all great art they lead you to experience something in a completely new light.”

–           Ben Bradshaw, MP

‘I was delighted to see how skilfully and sympathetically Mark brought together the excitement of high-tech equipment and the magnificence of the Cathedral’s 900 year heritage to produce such moving and high quality pieces.  Truly divine.’

–          Ruth Kapadia, Relationship Manager, Diversity in Arts Practice, Arts Council England South West

“I was thoroughly impressed with the entire exhibition. It was wonderful to see these creative pieces of work look so at home in the historic surroundings of the Cathedral. I have already been back three times to view them again and taken a number of CEDA users along to experience them too.

It is a real shame they won’t become a permanent part of the cathedral.  Fantastic exhibition.”

–           Craig Bowden, CEDA (Creative Equality: Disability Arts)

“I felt very privileged to be invited to the reception evening for the Cathedra 900 3D banner exhibition.

Having discussed the project with Mark from the very early stages, and having seen mock-ups of the intended locations of the banners and a sample of a finished banner, I didn’t expect to be too surprised at seeing the actual exhibition. However, nothing had prepared me for the effect of the exhibition in situ, and on entering the Cathedral Nave, the banners had a very real impact on me that I was not expecting at all.

As two-dimensional artworks, the banners have a real presence in the Nave, fitting beautifully with the Cathedral architecture and adding to the elegance of the surroundings. The colours and tones complement the Cathedral wonderfully and the banners seem as though they belong in the space. I enjoyed viewing them for some time without the 3D glasses, because the banners are interesting abstract works in themselves.

It took a couple of minutes to relax into using the 3D glasses, but once my eyes had adjusted, the effect was nothing short of spectacular. The depth of the 3D images was astounding, and combined with the innovative designs this gave an experience that I would not have believed possible. Some of the banners appeared to give the columns a concave effect, others gave the illusion of the images standing out from the columns (to such an extent that at one point I was about to warn a viewer in front of me to mind their head). The colours in the banners seemed enhanced by the 3-dimensionality of the images; still fitting with the surroundings, but with a greater intensity than in 2 dimensions.

I loved the way that the images changed as I moved my viewing position and distance relative to the banners, for example moving from side to side, or further away brought a real ‘life’ to the images. I felt as if I was examining pieces of the Cathedral in a very close and intimate way.

I found the source images to be very interesting, because many were parts of the Cathedral that I was unaware of, or had not examined in detail before seeing the banners. I took some time after viewing the banners to look more closely at the Cathedral Nave, trying to spot some of the images used in the work (which also led me to see other things in the Cathedral that I hadn’t noticed before).

I have since visited again, with friends who were convinced that they would not ‘get’ the exhibition, as they are ‘not really interested in contemporary art’, but who really enjoyed the exhibition and found it extremely accessible. I would thoroughly recommend the exhibition to anyone- it is a truly amazing experience which I believe will appeal to a very wide range of visitors.

Thank you so much for sharing this work, and congratulations on a fantastic exhibition. I very much look forward to the further parts of Cathedra 900 and its future development.”

–           Kate Roberts, Arts Anonymous

“Thank you for this marvellous exhibition.  Please don’t stop it at the end of august.  Make a website with the banners and the object represented.  For some banners, I see the object but for others, it is very difficult for me to recognize the objects (I am just operated with 2 cataract).  The different ways to see objects is a passion for me. I have many worked on anamorphosis with my pupils in the math course.

Thank you for this exceptionnal exhibition in this extraordinary Cathedral.”

–           Chantal Randour



“An incredible achievement brought to life by Mark’s amazing gifts and perseverence. My partner and I were lucky enough to be given ‘the guided tour’ by Mark – although I am assured that experiencing the banners in your own way is just as rewarding! The exhibition really works to highlight the extraordinary vision, thought and detail that went into the Cathedral’s long construction (and occasional destruction!); plus the often overlooked enduring nature of something so iconic and beautiful, among all our modern clutter.

I am a real fan of Mark’s work (his film and theatrical productions are extraordinary – truthful, reflective and resonant).  An amazing artist to be supported and encouraged. :)”

–           Tim Heymerdinger

“Like Mark, I have problems in seeing 3D, due to distortion in one eye, but I enjoyed trying and occasionally I could get it to work for me. But the exhibition works on two different levels, at least. From afar, in 2 D, the predominately blue banners are extremely elegant, contemporary representations of features and details of the rich surrounding architecture. Sometimes, the content was easy to identify – the owls are surely a favourite – but at others the images were more cryptic, but always giving a strong sense of place and history.

I hugely admire Mark’s work, but also his commitment and enthusiasm which are infectious!”

–           Joanna Brendon, Artist

‘Mark Ware’s stunning 3D panels fit so beautifully within the inspiring interior architecture of Exeter Cathedral that it is almost hard to believe they aren’t part of the original design.  Each panel depicts facets of the different stone detail from both inside and outside, and the 3D effect adds dimension and colour which would otherwise be lost in the overall grandeur.  The work brings the whole building to life – it would be great if they could remain in situ indefinitely’.”

–           Moya Harris, CEDA (Creative Equality: Disability Arts)

“What most impresses about the Cathedra 900 exhibition, is how well the artist, Mark Ware, has integrated imagery and colours from the architecture of the Cathedral into his 3D banners. As someone who doesn’t know much about art, I was struck by how well the work interacts with the building. It’s a beautiful exhibition, and one which I have recommended to friends.”

–           Kate Wilson, Cyprus Well

“Mark – I meant what I said last night. Your exhibition got better and better the longer I looked at it – unlike many other exhibitions I’ve seen elsewhere in the world. From the moment I entered (looking at all the banners from a distance and trying to take in the sheer scale of your vision) to the moment I left (looking at each banner close up to appreciate the pin-point clarity of the images) I was bowled over. In the meantime (looking at the depth of the images, the way they moved as I changed viewing angle, the way the colours and textures changed) if I wasn’t able to speak to as many other visitors as I would have liked it was because I was so absorbed in your work.”

–           Peter Rawlinson, Stroke Association

“Mark Ware’s banner exhibition in Exeter Cathedral Nave has found an ability to blend twenty first century media art in ancient building.  Frequently, modern art staged in such a place has not – perhaps understandably – blended into the building.  Not so here.  Mark has found an art form which merges in such a way that it ENHANCES a worship place.  This exhibition blends the sacred and the secular.  It seems to me this is a spiritual exercise for those who seek it.  Here small detail of photography flow in swathes of beauty which is breathtaking.  Details of the Cathedral fabric, frequently unnoticed by the visitor, have taken on a new life.  Here is a new dynamic which has a spiritual quality.  Possibly this is because the perception and spiritual quality of the artist himself is reflected in his work.

An amazing journey of religious experience.”

–           Reverend Peter Nockols-Rawle, Exeter Cathedral

“The 3D exhibition has delighted our visitors to Exeter Cathedral over the last two months both young and old. The banners themselves have elicited many very positive comments and what has been interesting is that they have added a colourful addition to the nave even when not viewed with the special glasses. It has been a very creative project for Mark Ware and we are pleased that the Cathedral and its staff have been able to assist in the exhibition.”

–           Canon Ian Morter, Exeter Cathedral

“Mark first approached the City Council just over a year ago with his idea of producing this innovative exhibition. As a result the city is proud to have been able to support Mark’s application to Grants for the Arts because the resulting work is breathtaking. It really makes you look at the Cathedral in a new light, and while the banners do not gleam like stained glass windows, the minute you look through your 3d glasses they take on a whole new dimension.

It is a privilege to see Mark’s work and to see some of the ancient artefacts and sculptures close up and in such detail, almost as though you could touch them. The banners look as though they are meant to be in the nave of this truly splendid building, as though they have come home.”

–           Val Wilson, Arts and Events Manager, Exeter City Council

“The photography, culminating in 3D banners, was innovative and well structured and showed different ways in which such a beautiful building can be seen.  The Lady Mayoress and I enjoyed the exhibition immensely and look forward to viewing future works as they unfold”.

–           Rob Newby, Lord Mayor of Exeter

“In a world where so much good art is exhibited in unsuitable spaces Mark Ware’s 3D banners looked as much at home within the confines of Exeter’s 900 hundred year old cathedral as the stone used in the building’s original construction. A visually striking exhibition, of the highest standard, which enhanced the space to such an extent that it felt that it was a permanent part of the Cathedrals life and fabric. Experiencing the simplicity of 3D when used in conjunction with Mark’s complex, thoughtful and detailed images was a truly awe inspiring experience.”

–           Steven Brown, Sound Engineer, Sound Artist, Soundscape Composer, Head of Sound for the Royal Exchange Theatre Company, Manchester